The Roots in the Boot story

More than a few people thought Roots in the Boot owner, Aliza Giammatteo, was crazy when she decided to leave a successful sales and marketing career in New York City and start an Italian genealogy business.

But Aliza (pronounced ah-LEE-zah) believed there were plenty of Italian Americans, and others of Italian descent, who had the same pride and passion for their heritage that she did, many of whom didn’t know how to access or interpret old records in Italian or Latin, so their stories were left untold.

Thankfully, her instincts were right. Word spread about her work and her heart-felt stories, and Aliza and the Roots in the Boot team now help tell the stories of paesani from America, to Argentina, to Abruzzo.

“It’s too much for words” said Aliza. “I come from a long line of storytellers, and all I wanted to do was help tell Italian American stories — our stories, our way — I told them the only way I knew how: with heart, and I guess it showed. To be able to turn a passion into a profession is a dream come true.”

In 2012, Roots in the Boot was selected to be the exclusive genealogy partner of the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation). When asked to comment on the partnership, Aliza, the storyteller, was speechless. She could only grab a Kleenex to wipe away her tears.

Stories aren’t told by words alone. We know that. And one family, one story at a time, we earned our motto “Heritage with Heart”.