“I’ve heard (Roots in the Boot Owner) Aliza say she’d “rather cut off a limb than tell someone she can’t find their family” and the crazy part is that she was probably only half-joking.”

– Tony C., Former office manager, Roots in the Boot 

There are a few things that we do a little different than most. Our deep love and dedication to what we do, as evidenced in the quote above, is only one of them.

It’s those things – even the little things – that make all the difference.

Without revealing any trade secrets, here’s a list of our top 15:

15 Things to Know About Roots in the Boot
  • 100% success rate – We have never not been able to find a client’s family. There’s always a chance that that day might come in the field of genealogy…but not if we can help it! We work hard. We work smart. And we don’t give up easily. If we hit a brick wall, we’ll try plan B, C, D, E…whatever it takes, until we find your family.
  • Heritage with heart™ – We firmly believe that it takes more than just specialized knowledge to do this work successfully; it also takes heart. And our heart and soul goes into everything we do. All of our team members have a passion for what they do, and as one client said in a review, we treat your search “like we’re looking for our own family”.
  • Commitment to excellence – We have old-fashioned values and we take pride in a job well done. We’re committed to providing quality work on every project we do, no matter how big or how small. We have high standards and quality control measures in place.

  • We only hire the best  – Our researchers have worked for TV shows, museums, historical societies, etc. They’re some of the very best in the field of Italian genealogy.
  • Researchers throughout the U .S .and Italy – Every family search is unique and some projects call for different methods of research. Some work may be done faster, better, and/or more cost-effectively by a researcher with access to certain repositories or with specialized expertise, so we have a team of researchers throughout the U.S. and Italy to accommodate different needs. We have researchers based in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the civil records for the majority of Italian towns are readily available.
  • We get the full, Italian records, NOT extracts – If you write to/go to Italy for records, you will often get an extract, which is not nearly as good as having the complete record. An extract is where someone (often a clerk in the municipal office) pulls out a few details from the record and records them. Their transcriptions can contain errors and important details are often left out. For those reasons, we’re not fans of extracts and we always provide the full record.
  • Honesty  – If your project looks like it will be a long shot or like it will be more complex than you thought, we tell you up-front and ask if you still want to move forward. We do everything in our power to avoid unpleasant surprise bills because nobody likes those, and honesty and trust are of paramount importance to us.
  • Accuracy – We realize that the family stories that we help tell may be passed down for generations, and important legal issues such as: inheritance, dual citizenship, etc. may be at stake, so we don’t take our work lightly. Proper research methods and accurate reporting are essential so we have quality control systems in place to ensure accuracy.
  • Personal, one-on-one consultation – All of our clients (and prospective clients) have access to a personal consultation by one of our experts. We believe in the kind of personalized attention that can be hard to accomplish by filling out a form or sending an email, so live conversations are not only offered, they are encouraged.
  • Custom-tailored searches  – You don’t have to try to fit your goal(s) into a package. We’ll design a custom project for you. Just let us know your goal(s) and desired budget and we’ll create a project and payment plan just for you.
  • Your story, not just the records – If you’re looking for story, you came to the right place. Not only will we find your family story, it might even be published! Roots in the Boot Owner & Lead Genealogist Aliza Giammatteo actually prefers the title “storyteller” and if you look at her resume, you’ll know why. She writes columns/feature articles for Italian American publications throughout the U.S. and is a sought-after storyteller. (See our “articles” tab for some sample stories).
  • Proper preliminary work – The biggest reason for unsuccessful Italian searches is not doing the necessary preliminary work…or not doing it thoroughly enough. You won’t find that with us. We get everything you will typically need for a successful Italian search beforehand so we can find your ancestors…the first time.
  • Expertise – Genealogy is a multi-disciplinary field, requiring knowledge in a variety of areas of study, including: history, languages, traditions, old maps/geography, laws, paleography (study of old handwriting), just to name a few. We have our own library of collections, including rare/out of print books. And we constantly strive to gather and/or study other resources so we’re prepared for whatever may come up in a search.
  • Trust – The bulk of our business comes from word of mouth or from repeat customers, so that says a lot in and of itself. To date, (August 2013), we haven’t spent a single dollar on advertising. Our clients are so happy with our service that they spread the news for us, which is the best advertising anyone could ask for. We’re members of the Association of Professional Genealogists. We’re also former Ancestry.com experts, where we got all 5 star reviews from clients (the only providers in our category to do so). And we’re the exclusive genealogy partner of the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation).
  • Full time professionals who ONLY do Italian genealogy– We work full time. We don’t just do this in addition to our “day job” to earn some extra cash on the side. This is what we do all day, every day. And we do Italian – and only Italian – genealogy.