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Aliza Giammatteo

Owner | Lead Genealogist | Columnist
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Aliza’s been interested in family history since 2nd grade when she made her first family tree as a homework assignment and first heard family stories about the “old country”.

Her curiosity was piqued. Her passion was ignited. And they never waned.

She started as most genealogists do: tracing her own tree, as a hobby. Then she started helping others. And after over a decade of getting requests for help from all over country and going to the library on nights and weekends to search Italian records for free, it dawned on her: This was more than just a hobby or even a passion. It was her calling.

She left her successful sales and marketing career behind and started Roots in the Boot so she could dedicate herself full time to her Italian heritage work.

Aliza later turned another passion into a profession: writing. She’s now a syndicated columnist and feature writer for Italian American publications across the United States.

Aliza resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.



R –

Italian Genealogy Specialist II

There is no such thing as a “Mission Impossible” for Agent R., thanks, in part, to his uncanny persistence.

R. is a self-confessed “testa dura” (hard-head) who proudly claimed to be the President of the testa dura club. (That is, until Aliza insisted on being named Co-President.)

To give you an idea of just how far R. will go to get a family record: he once did battle with the Mafia (who over-ran the town he was searching in) just get a document — and he won!

Originally from Sicilia, Agent R. now lives in an undisclosed location in Italy. Come hell or high water, R. gets any records we need from Italy.


Agent J –

Italian Genealogy Specialist I

Agent J. is one of our most valued assets. J. is a seasoned Italian researcher who lives near Salt Lake City, UT, in an undisclosed location.

He does research at the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake, the largest repository of its kind in the world. The library contains over 2.5 million microfilms. Most Italian towns have records on film so you can see why J.’s location is ideal.

J.’s level of expertise — and the heart he puts into his work — are hard to find, so don’t expect us to reveal his real name anytime soon.

(We wish we could say his name publicly, but we’re afraid his inbox would be flooded with look-up requests. So J., you know who you are, thank you for all you do!)



Agent D –

U.S. Genealogy Specialist I

Agent D. is located somewhere in New England. She’s an Italian American who’s an expert in U.S. searches, particularly for fellow Americans who have Italian roots.

D. has access to obscure databases and many years of experience to draw from.

She’s worked on TV shows, for museums, and is a published writer and well-respected researcher. D.’s always busy, but whenever we could use some extra help, she’s always there.



Agent P –

Italian Genealogy Specialist I

Agent P. just recently joined our team and we’re thrilled to have her working with us. She is also based in an undisclosed location near Salt lake City, UT, and conducts searches at the Family History Library.

P. is originally from Latin America, with Italian roots, and she’s fluent in Italian and Spanish.
Agent P. has done Italian genealogy research for over 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.




Snoop, AKA Diablo, passed away in May 2012 but his crazy antics still make us laugh when we think of them and we know he’s still with us in spirit. He was the winner of the 2011 MVP award at Roots in the Boot (though the Italian team claimed he stuffed the ballot box).

Here was the announcement of his award and Snoop’s (amusing) acceptance speech: CLICK HERE