The ballots have been counted and the verdict is in! Join us in congratulating the WINNER of the Roots in the Boot 2011 MVP AWARD: Snoop, the Beagle. We wouldn’t have found nearly as many ancestors as we did last year without Snoop’s tireless supervision from his corner office/chair.  (In addition to that, we may have missed some IMPORTANT UPS deliveries without his howling alerts, (which for some reason, almost always take place while we’re on the phone.)

Upon receiving his award, Snoop gave the following (very humble) ACCEPTANCE SPEECH:

“Thank you paesans for FINALLY giving credit where credit is due. I mean, really, I AM the real hound dog here, not some kind of wannabe hound dog trying to sniff out ancestors or relatives. I’m the real deal!

My “owner” Aliza and her team may like to think they can pick up on a trail and hunt someone down but they learned it all from me! And as for digging – forgettaboutit! – the Italian team thought they had me beat because they helped dig up some long-lost relatives for some clients – BIG DEAL! – have they seen the enormous holes I dug in our backyard – just for the fun of it? Huh?

I also guided Aliza on several hunting expeditions to the genealogy Library in Salt Lake City – where, unbelievably – she expected me to replace my Executive Chair with a hotel chair that hardly met the standards of someone of my position and talent.

Just ask Aliza how many turtles I successfully captured and carried into the kitchen last year if you don’t believe in my hunting skills! I actually DELIVER dinner for these people after a long day of supervising and even THAT’S not appreciated – those fools just let the turtles go after all my hard work.

You may be thinking that turtles are slow and easy to catch…but I ASSURE you that with the proper reinforcements (which I never get enough of here) I could hunt down all kinds of other things – including YOUR ancestors!

If you’d like ME to find your people for you, I’d be happy to do so. Of course I’d need fuel – lots of it – to sustain the effort so please submit payment in the form of Beggin’ Strips and/or Busy Bones to my “owner’s” address.

Thank you again paesani for recognizing my contributions to preserving our Italian heritage. VIVA ITALIA!


PS – Please send those Bones FedEx overnight. Don’t worry, I’ll get the door.

PPS – Memo to the Italian team: NA NA NA NA NA NA!!!!