Ancestry tours are a great way to bring your family history to life.

Italian vital records (birth, marriage, and death) are extraordinarily detailed and often contain information such as: occupations, the church your family attended, and even the street address or the very house that your ancestors lived in. You can use that information to learn where and how your family lived and walk in your ancestors’ footsteps.

We highly recommend getting at least some of your family’s Italian records before booking your tour and going to Italy. You won’t want to spend your Italian vacation in a government record office trying (emphasis on the word “trying”) to get records. Repositories in Italy may be open as little as 2 hours a day, and sometimes only certain days a week, and many offices are understaffed.

In addition to that, there are always — repeat, always — surprises in family history searches, no matter how much you think you know already, so a proper preliminary search is recommended before you book your trip. Crucial information, like: names, dates, spellings, towns, etc. all could’ve been changed or forgotten — or simply not passed down to begin with.

Roots in the Boot has traced thousands of Italian families and we’ve never come across one where there weren’t any surprises. Sometimes the surprises are small, like names and dates that are off. Other times, there were big surprises, like: the family’s ancestral town was not accurate (in those cases, it definitely would not have been good for the family to try to get records while in Italy because they would’ve been looking in the wrong town!)

Nine times out of ten, Roots in the Boot can get the Italian records you’ll want to prepare for your ancestry tour right here in the US at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah. The FHL has hundreds of millions of original Italian records on microfilm. We have researchers based in Salt Lake City (SLC) who can get records in a matter of days that might take months to get from Italy. We usually get better records (original copies, not an “estratto”, or extract, like repositories in Italy often provide), and we often get them much faster and cheaper than if you had to write to/go to Italy. In those rare cases where the records are not available at the FHL for the town/time period you’re interested in, our Italian-based research team will request records from Italy for you.

Roots in the Boot has travel partners and affiliates that we collaborate with to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience once your genealogy research is done.
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