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6 Expert Italian Genealogy Tips – Trace Your Tree Like a Pro!

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Tip #1: Check your surname first Do a quick surname check so you know what kind of search you’re in for up-front. There’s a useful website ( that maps out where your surname exists in Italy. Just click on the map of Italy until you see the search box up top. Enter the surname in […]

La Voce Readers Discover Their Italian—and American—Roots

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Italian immigrants, and their descendants, are an important chapter in the history of America. They helped shape the cityscapes and landscapes of our country. In this article, Aliza shows how our ancestor’s American stories are just as important as their Italian stories by showing how two very different Italian immigrants who settled on opposite sides of the country each contributed to our American story.

To Know Yourself, Know Where You Came From

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To Know Yourself, Know Where You Came From Casa di Amore does, and it Shows I come across interesting stories all the time as a family historian. Maybe you have seen some of my previous articles — like the one about the immigrant who missed an earthquake and tsunami that flattened his town by mere days—but […]