Ladri di Polvere (Thieves of the Dust)

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The Italian Civil Records are vital records (Birth, Marriage & Death) back to the year 1809.  These records are on-line and are full of useful genealogical information.  Once you have exhausted these records, you will need to turn to Catholic Church Parish records.  Unfortunately, the parish records in Verbicaro are not on-line.  However, they are accessible if you have the right connections.

Giuseppe Baffa is a native Italian genealogist who lives in Santa Sofia d’Epiro, north of Cosenza.  He has his own genealogical research business that he calls “Ladri di Polvere”: I recently hired Giuseppe to research the parish records in Verbicaro. Giuseppe found and documented (took pictures) multiple records for me that dated back to the 1600s.  I was very happy with his work and plan to hire him on my next trip to Cosenza.