In 1992, I inherited a box of pictures from my great grandmother.  Before she passed away, she identified some of the pictures.  However, there were many more that were not identified.  If you can identify any of these pictures, I will be very grateful. 

My grandmother’s maiden name was Rose Lucille Romano.  She was born in San Francisco, California in 1898.  She passed away in Santa Clara, California in 1992.  She was born and raised in the North Beach area of San Francisco, California.  Her first husband was Carmine Carlomagno.  They were married in 1915 and divorced in 1925.  Her second husband was John Amaral.  They married in 1932 and remained married until John passed away in 1980.

You can see more about Rose on my page under my tree named Flansburg/Hutcheson Family Tree.  You can also see her on FamilySearch under the PID 29CV-ZF9.

I believe that all of these pictures are of the same woman. I believe that she must have meant something to Rose because she had so many pictures of this woman at different stages of life.  If she was a contemporary of Rose, she may have been born around 1900, probably in San Francisco.